T-Shirt & Cute Stuff! *

Hi guys! ♥ I have been sent a few new things to review! If you follow my Italian Channel on YouTube you'll see all these things in videos... but if you don't, here we go!

Let's start with SHEIN and my passion for t-shirts with witty quotes! ;-)

You know... Awkward is my speciality!

Bye Felicia!! xD

I have already told you that I love squishies... definitely, the best antistress. The Jumbo Turtle from LeiLei is the best thing ever: super soft, scented... and so it is the Raccoon... *O* Give them a try! Everything is from NEWCHIC.

Jumbo Turtle by LeiLei:

Jumbo Raccoon by LeiLei:

Squishy Mochi:

Thanks!!! ♥

Lovely things *

Let's give a look to some products I have been sent to review!

I'm in love with distressed denim and t-shirts with cool quotes... so kudos to Romwe for these two items: 

The denim jacket is extra comfy, definitely good quality with a good fit; it's a must have for this season.

Me? Sarcastic? Never... this is me, guys! xD How can someone not loving black t-shirts with quotes?! I can't even...

Let's move to Banggood...

Rainbow highlighters were everywhere on Instagram...  so I needed one for myself... and it's really sooo colorful and intense! I might use it as an eyeshadow as well.

A silicon sponge?! Have you tried it already?!

Who doesn't love unicorns, now? These brushes are the only thing among all the others that... I haven't fully enjoyed, to be honest... maybe it's just me, but I need "fuller" brushes, do you know what I mean? The unicorn brushes are aesthetically pleasing (you can always display them) but... mmm. I don 't know.

And a small mirror... which is always handy to have.

What do you think?!


Hello World!

It's always the right time for having a little online shopping! 
Aaand of lately I find myself often searching for new stuff on a website called NewChic... if you follow me on YT you'll know that I have this little passion for squishies and kawaii stuff, and NewChic has plenty of... well, squishies and everything else! :D
You can find easily stylish dresses and accessories, but if you like (like me) toys, home decor, etc... you won't be disappointed!
So give it a look and let me know if you find something that calls your name! 

And in the meanwhile... enjoy my little virtual wishlist on NewChic!

Sometimes you need something pink... Sexy Off-shoulder Bandage Long Horn Sleeve Women Blouse

Some other times you need to channel your inner Sailor Moon... Women Sweet Moon Print Ear Pattern Design Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag 

Have you ever tried to add a little magic to your make-up routine? Rainbow Color Hair Makeup Brushes

Have I intrigued you? Ehe! ♥
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